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Electrical Storage Units

With the widespread use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, energy storage systems are becoming the most popular product. The price of grid electricity decreases while the utility electricity price increases, storing electricity has become vital. Electrical storage units can improve the efficiency of PV systems. It can work as drive power to give you a timely power supply and reduce the dependence on utility power.

5KWH Power Storage Units

The 5KW energy storage system can store the electricity generated and use it as a backup later. It can provide you with existing power and increased utilization of PV. Huanduy can provide you with high efficiency and long cycle life lithium-ion battery system. It can be mixed with the public grid or provide you with backup power in case of power failure.

5KWH Power Storage Units Application

This 5KWH power storage units can increase reliability, reduce energy costs, improve power quality, and is a highly efficient lithium-ion rechargeable battery system designed for your home application.

5KWH Power Storage Units Benefits

The 5KWH power storage units can better harness renewable resources such as wind and solar energy to help reduce power usage, providing greater flexibility and reliability for efficient power storage. This system is easy to move around, has a better cooling system, reduces energy costs, and has a longer cycle life.

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Technical parameters
Feature Listing
AC Parameters
Rated input power 2KW 3.5KW
Input voltage AC220V AC120V
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz (Automatic adaptation) 50Hz/60Hz (Automatic adaptation)
Rated output power 2KW 3.5KW
Maximum output power 4000VA 6000VA
Output voltage 3*AC220V 3*AC120V
Waveform Pure sine wave Pure sine wave
MPPT Parameters
Output power 1400W 4200W
PV operating voltage range 30-100Vdc 60-145Vdc
MPPT voltage range 30-85Vdc 60-115Vdc
Solar charging current 0-60A 0-80A
Battery Parameters
Rated capacity 100Ah 200Ah 100Ah
Rated voltage 25.6V 25.6V 51.2V
Energy 2.56KWH 5.12KWH 5.12KWH
Working voltage range 20~29.2V 20~29.2V 40~58.4V
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate Lithium iron phosphate Lithium iron phosphate
Communication interface CAN/RS485 CAN/RS485 CAN/RS485
Continuous charging current 100A 100A 100A
Continuous discharge current 100A 100A 100A
Peak charging current 110A 110A 110A
Peak discharge current 110A 110A 110A
Weight 41KG 64KG 71.5KG
Dimention( L*W*H) 455*332*448MM 455*332*580MM 496*357*595MM
Other Parameters
USB output 2*5V2A
12VDC output 2*12V3A
Cooling method Natural cooling
  • Fashionable design
  • High energy
  • High power density
  • Long service life
  • Easiness of installation & expansion
  • Home ESS
  • Solar ESS
  • Solar off-grid backup system
  • Solar Hybrid inverter
  • UPS


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