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24v 50ah lithium ion deep cycle battery

24V50Ah is the hot-selling deep cycle lithium battery on the market, especially in caravan and sea voyages. Unique performance and advantages, such as high energy density, long cycle life, environmental protection, and safety, make more people choose this battery. Equipped with BMS and Bluetooth functions, which can help you monitor the status of the battery at any time.

24v 50ah Lithium Ion Battery

product specifications Voltage: 25.6V Amp Hours: 50Ah Length: 13 in (329mm) Width:6.8 in (172 mm) Height: 8.4in (214 mm) Weight: 28.5lbs (12.7kg)

24v 50ah Lithium Ion Battery Application

Electric Vehicles Marine, Boats, Yachts, Sailing Recreational Vehicles Solar, Backup Power Other Deep Cycle Applications.

Advantage Of 24v 50ah Lithium Ion Battery

The 24v 50ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)battery with a longer cycle life, discharge depth DOD100%, can operate normally in a harsh environment, such as high temperature, overcharging, and the short circuit does not have to worry too much. Lithium battery has an integrated management system, much safer. In addition, we can also equip the battery with a Bluetooth module, making you monitor the battery status in real-time.

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Tec Spec
Tec Advanatge
Feature Listing
Safety Characteristics
Item Parameter
Battery Energy 1280Wh
Rated voltage 25.6V
Rated capacity 50Ah
Max charge voltage 29.2V
Cut-off voltage 20V
Charge current 50A
Continuous discharge current 50A
Peak discharge current 100A
Dimension 329*172*214mm
Weight 12.7kg
Usable Capacity (AH) 50AH
Depth of Discharge >100% DOD
Reserve Minutes @ 20A 150 min
Reserve Minutes @ 50A 60 min
Self Discharge <3% per mo
Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Cell Type Cylindrical
Modular Series or Parallel Connection
  • Light weight & small size
  • Long cycle life
  • Good security performance
  • Fast charging & low self-discharge rate
  • Built-in BMS
  • Over-charge/Over-discharge Ability to withstand over-charge/withstand over-discharge, and there is no fire, no exploding and work well
  • Short circuit Ability to withstand short circuit, and there is no fire, no exploding
  • Acupuncture Ability to withstand nail puncturing, and there is no fire, no exploding
  • Thermal shock Ability to withstand thermal shock, and there is no fire, no exploding                                                                               Function of PCM/BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Circuit Protection: The cylindrical cells are optimized through the use of its battery management system (BMS), through monitoring cells, to provide protection against overcharge, over-discharge, short circuits. Also, it enables every battery pack to obtain an independent balancing function. Overall, the BMS helps to ensure safe and accurate operation.


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